Since 1992, Maboul Distorsion has been producing shows based on clown, and on physical / object theatre. Our starting point is always characters and situations from everyday life which we shake up, mess about with, mix together and transport into the realm of absurdity. We like to find the wackiness in things to take us away from “normal” behaviour, while looking  for universal points of connection in terms of human relationships.

After a long time spent in the domain of circus performance, the company has now returned to its first love, the street, which remains the arena where anything is possible.

Please find here some information about our shows which are accessible to a non-French audience.



One is a sadistic boss, a terrifying tyrant who likes to be obeyed at the merest twitch of his eyebrow.
The other is good for nothing, a scapegoat, and the inevitable victim of his boss, who looks like some mad scientist.

With the whip cracking and the knives flying, an apparently simple recipe raises blood-pressure all round... Things get very hot indeed, and the situation turns increasingly sour...

La Cuisine is a rhythmical and essentially visual show, and brings to life stage the classic clown combination (the beautiful and the ugly one, the intelligent and the stupid one, the strong and the weak one). It's physical comedy with an emphasis on slapstick.



A bunch of mischievous and playful rogues, our Red characters enjoy challenging conventional behaviour and habits.
Armed with plastic film, adhesive tape and labels of all kinds, they set out to explore the town and to make its streets their playground.

Follow them closely... discretion is clearly not their strong point, even if they might believe the opposite. But look out... you might become the target of one of their jokes, or even an accomplice...

Come along and see just how far they're capable of going...



Three vagabonds, carrying with them the bins they always carry, look for ways to survive by transforming and adapting what they come across in surprising ways.
Their imagination becomes their means of self-affirmation, and their key strategy is to always go one step further.

Magical sequences of madness, outrageous situations, and accidental gags pile up and carry us along in the excitement. They don't have much, it's true... but they are generous and sensitive, and experts in surviving on a knife-edge.